Crones – Kathy Jones

The Crone, Hag, Spinster, Wise Woman and Grandmother, represents the phase in the Journey of life of the Wild, Visionary Woman, when we can treasure what we have learnt while living and pass our knowledge to younger sisters, to our real and symbolic daughters and nieces, while turning our eyes towards the Great Journey Onwards.

The Crone appears in Wheels of the Year or Medicine Wheels in the high left quarter, stretching along the seasons between Autumn and Winter; in all indigenous traditions she represents the Keeper of the Wisdom on the World.

Many Goddesses manifest their Crone aspect, whenever the Wheel turns North and Nature prepares to rest and regenerate, through the seasons of autumn and winter. The Crone is also reflected in the cycle of the Moon when She wanes and disseminates Her seeds into the darkness of the earth.

We are a generation of Awakened Women who have gone through each passage of our lives with consciousness and awareness of the charge of Reclaiming our wisdom after millennia of obscurity, through dark ages in which our bodies and minds were exposed to abasement and exploitation. In this life we have learnt again how to take care of ourselves since our first blood and with renewed energy and hope we have seen our last blood flowing and taking leave.

Now we want to walk together through this passage of life leading to the Regeneratrix Womb of the Mother, we are eager to learn about the Mysteries of this age and to share with each other its meanings and tasks.

We will explore different Traditions to discover their gems waiting for us, while transforming our fears and neglected talents into powerful allies.

In a first phase we’ll meet in Circles among women who have passed the turning point of 50, and then we’ll open to younger sisters who want to join us along this path.

Its a walk in the wild side of womanhood leading to the Fifth Dimension where the Black Lady reigns: We are preparing to return to the Lap of the Goddess to stir again the Cauldron of Life with Her.

Kathy Jones and Luciana Percovich